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Fundraiser for Bus Stop Bomb Shelter in Kharkiv, Ukraine

SAVE LIVES. Help the city of Kharkiv build public bomb shelters at its major bus stops!

Remember this Ukrainian father, holding the hand of his dead son?

July, 2022: 13-yo Dmytro was killed by a russian missile strike next to a bus stop in Kharkiv.

Give children like Dmytro a save place to take shelter.

• These bomb shelters are designed in collaboration with international experts who have already successfully built shelters like these at Israeli bus stops.

• Kharkiv city authorities are fully involved.

• Manufacture & construction is local, creating local jobs and keeping transport affordable.

22,500 Medical Face Shields for Ukrainian Hospitals

Thank you very much to USUA’s partner US21 ( for donating medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals!

On Mon., June 20, 2022, US Ukrainian Activists received a generous donation of 80 boxes (22,500 Medical Face Shields) at US21’s warehouse in Fairfax, VA. Next day, June 21, USUA delivered these medical supplies to Meest’s warehouse in Port Reading, NJ for their shipment to Ukraine.

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Donation from US21

US Ukrainian Activists strongly appreciates a generous donation of a 40-feet container of medical supplies (for Ukrainian hospitals) from our partner US 21 (!

On May 30, 2022, the 40-feet container was filled with:

  1. 7 Pallets (52,500 items) of Medical Face Shields;
  2. 1 Pallet (5,000 items) of Medical Goggles;
  3. 1 Pallet (108,000 items) of Medical Surgical Masks
  4. 1 Pallet (30,000 items) of KN95 Face Masks;
  5. 3 Pallets of 250 cases (250,000 pairs) of Medical Gloves, Nitrile, assorted sizes (1,000 gloves per case);
  6. 5 Pallets (30,000 items) of Medical Gowns;
  7. 1 Pallet (1,000 items) of Disposable Coverall (Full Body Protection Suits);
  8. 4 Pallets (5,000 items) of IR Thermometers.

The same day, May 30, the 40-feet container of medical supplies for Ukraine was shipped from US21 Wearhouse in Virginia to the Meest’s warehouse in New Jersey. Then, it will be shipped to Ukraine by sea via Meest shipping company.

Dear Ukrainian Supporters,
Please help us cover $9,000 shipping cost for this container:

(1) $1,500 (the shipping fee from US21’s office in VA to the Meest’s office in NJ);
(2) $7,500 ( the shipping fee from New Jersey to Ukraine via Meest).

Every amount towards covering the shipping cost of this humanitarian cause will be greatly appreciated!