Who we are

As the war in Ukraine rages, US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) works tirelessly to support Ukrainian soldiers with medical supplies as well as helping civilians fleeing the war to find shelter, food, and support.

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers, who work day and night to help the people of Ukraine in these tragic times. Every dollar you give will go towards saving innocent lives.

About USUA

US Ukrainian Activists is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in the DC area.

USUA is a small organization run entirely by volunteers, with miniscule operating costs.

Founded in 2015 in the wake of Russia’s initial invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine, USUA’s aim is to support Ukraine, its people, and its culture.

What we do

USUA works directly with local partner organizations operating on the ground within Ukraine.

As Ukrainian-Americans, our staff is ideally positioned to connect verified Ukrainian organizations with donors outside Ukraine.

USUA sends two types of aid to Ukraine: direct cash assistance, and bulk shipments of supplies.

Our primary focus is medical aid to Ukrainian hospitals and paramedics.


We need your support to help save lives in Ukraine! Our volunteer team and low operating costs mean that your donations go much further.

We welcome donations of both funds and supplies. USUA has extensive experience in sending shipments of goods to our partners in Ukraine, and verifying that everything arrives at its final destination.

Click the button below for more information, and for instructions on how to make a donation:

Get Involved

Join our weekly rallies

Dear Friends, please join us EVERY SATURDAY at our WEEKLY White House Rallies #StandWithUkraineEveryDay, organized by US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) – the daily White House Rallies organizer for 1.5 years since the full-scale invasion began on Feb. 24, 2022.


At the White House (north side) by Lafayette Square


Saturdays at 4-5PM

Contact US Congress

Dear supporters of Ukraine,
Please contact your Senators and Representatives and ask them to pass the supplemental funding for Ukraine.

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“Ukraine is currently fighting for Peace and Democracy in the entire Free World, sacrificing Ukrainian Lives. If Russia is not stopped, it will continue further and potentially invade neighboring European countries.

Ukrainians are courageously defending fundamental values such as Freedom, Liberty, and Democracy—principles deeply cherished by all Americans. In this shared pursuit, both Americans and Ukrainians stand united.

Please urge your Representatives and Senators to continue providing necessary military assistance to Ukraine so that Ukraine can win this war sooner and with fewer casualties among innocent civilians: children, women, and men.”

Nadiya Shaporynska, President, USUA

Spread the word

Spreading public awareness is crucial. Many people want to help, but aren’t sure how. Help us get the word out!

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Visit our online store

US Ukrainian Activists is now on Etsy – come visit our new online store!

With the holidays coming up, please consider us when buying gifts and cards for your friends and family. Our products are made by USUA volunteers, and ALL proceeds go to medical & humanitarian aid for Ukraine. USUA is a 100% volunteer organization – meaning that your contributions go to aid, not salaries.

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