Month June 2022

Thank you, Girl Scouts Troup #7450!

Thank you, Girl Scouts Troup # 7450! Your pins were a big hit at the latest festival we attended.

US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) are grateful for receiving patriotic Ukrainian Flag Pins, which were made by the Girl Scouts Troup # 7450 in support of Ukraine.

These pins were distributed to Ukrainian supporters at the 1 Journey Festival by the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. on June 25, 2022.

Regina Oswald, thank you very much for sending the pins to USUA!

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1 Journey Festival at the Washington National Cathedral!

11 AM – 6 PM at the Washington National Cathedral!

It will be a fun event, with world food, music, shopping, kids’ activities, and more. There will also be resources there for refugees and their families – legal aid, job hunting, language training, and more. If anyone is dealing with visas and immigration issues for friends and family, this could be a great opportunity to connect with free assistance and advice!

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22,500 Medical Face Shields for Ukrainian Hospitals

Thank you very much to USUA’s partner US21 ( for donating medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals!

On Mon., June 20, 2022, US Ukrainian Activists received a generous donation of 80 boxes (22,500 Medical Face Shields) at US21’s warehouse in Fairfax, VA. Next day, June 21, USUA delivered these medical supplies to Meest’s warehouse in Port Reading, NJ for their shipment to Ukraine.

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