Kyiv Post: USUA demonstrates against russian aggression in the Black Sea

WASHINGTON D.C. – Ukrainian diaspora members and other supporters of Ukraine staged a demonstration outside the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. on Nov. 26 to protest the Kremlin’s attack on Ukrainian vessels the day before.

Some 50 people braved rainy weather in the American capital the day after Russian navy ships attacked and seized three Ukrainian vessels and wounded six sailors.

The protest was organized by a group called U.S. [Ukrainian] Activists, started by Ukrainians who have emigrated to America mostly since Ukraine’s 1991 independence.

As drivers passing the demonstration sounded their car horns in support, one of the protest organizers, Nadiya Shaporynska, said: “We need to make the American public aware of this latest aggression in Ukraine and to let them know how dangerous the situation is. We don’t know what to expect from Russia – it could be the first step of something terrible to come – but I’m praying the world will stop this.”