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Roundup: 50+ #DefendingUkraine events worldwide, Oct. 14-16

This is a partial list of rallies held in 50+ locations worldwide as part of the #DefendingUkraine / Circle of Defense initiative.

United States

Washington DC

Photo credit: US Ukrainian Activists
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NBC Washington Covers USUA Rally for Ukrainian Defender’s Day

NBC Washington reported on US Ukrainian Activists’ rally honoring Ukraine’s annual Defenders Day holiday.

Activists want to make sure that a day after Defender’s Day, when they acknowledged soldiers fighting in Ukraine, that the country isn’t forgotten as it faces Russian forces. News4’s Darcy Spencer reports.

Medical aid from USUA received by front-line paramedics in Ukraine

We are thankful to the volunteer Hospitallers Medical Battalion for saving lives on the front-lines in Ukraine!

Ми Дуже Вдячні Госпітальєрам за їх невтомну і таку важливу працю!!!💛💙
Разом до Перемоги!!! 🇺🇦💖🇺🇦

Please help Hospitallers continue Saving Lives in Ukraine:

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Hospitallers’ Report-Post:

Sep. 29, 2022: USUA daily White House rally

Sep. 29, 2022:Ukraine is under a full-scale invasion by Russia. We need your help to stop Russia’s war in Ukraine.
Join us at our daily White House rallies #StandWithUkraineEveryDay to:

– Raise continued awareness about the war in Ukraine;
– Ask the US Government to declare russia a terrorist state and a state sponsor of terrorism.
– Ask the USA to influence its allies to cut all business ties with russia;
– Remind the USA to honor the Budapest Memorandum;
– Ask for more needed weapons for Ukraine;
– Show the US government and Congress that voters still strongly support more measures in support of Ukraine;
– Tell the people of Ukraine that they have not been forgotten!

WHERE: At the White House (north side – Lafayette Square)

WHEN: Mon – Sun

TIME EVERY DAY: 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

ORGANIZER: US Ukrainian Activists (USUA)

Phone number for coordination: 347-251-0727
(Call if you have trouble finding us!)

USUA Events:

(and ideas for posters):

– Declare russia a TERRORIST STATE
– Declare russia a sponsor of terrorism
– USA, thank you for supporting Ukraine
– Thank you USA for standing with Ukraine
– Thank you for Lend Lease Act for Ukraine
– Thank you for Ukraine Aid Bill
– Ukraine Needs more Weapons to Survive/Defend Itself
– Honor Budapest Memorandum
– Give Ukraine the weapons it needs
– Stop genocide in Ukraine
– Stop Russia’s war machine
– USA, keep supporting Ukraine
– Stand with Ukraine
– More Arms for Ukraine
– Send Ukraine the weapons it needs
– Send the needed weapons now
– Help Ukraine defend itself
– Help Ukraine protect its children
– MLRS for Ukraine
— Send Multiple Rocket Launchers to Ukraine
— Send MLRS to Ukraine
— Multiple Launch Rocket Systems for Ukraine
– Air/missile defense for Ukraine
– Help Ukraine protect its skies
– Send NASAMS to Ukraine
– Send Patriot systems to Ukraine
– Supply Ukraine with fighter jets
– Every minute costs lives
– Protect Ukrainian children/civilians from Russian missiles
– How many dead children will it take?
– How many dead civilians will it take?
– More sanctions on Russia!
– Full trade embargo on Russia!
– Stop ALL business ties with Russia!
– Cut ALL Russian banks from SWIFT!

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DC charity concert this Saturday, Oct. 1: Alina Cherkasova

Alina Cherkasova CHARITY CONCERT flyer

Dear supporters of Ukraine,
US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) presents a Charity Concert featuring Ukrainian Opera Singer Alina Cherkasova!

ALL the proceeds from this concert will go to fund humanitarian and medical aid for Ukraine, which is desperately needed during these tragic times.

Alina Cherkasova will sing traditional Ukrainian and classical songs.


👉WHEN: Saturday, October 1st

👉 TIME: 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

(From 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – Hors d’oeuvres and wine will be served before performance,
which will start at 6:30 p.m.)

👉WHERE: Ukraine House 2134 Kalorama Rd NW, Washington DC, 20008
(Outside on the lawn; under a canopy if rainy)

👉Purchase Tickets Here:

👉 Ticket Prices:
– Adult: $35
– Students (6-21 years old): $25
– Under 5 years old: $10


The concert is organized by US Ukrainian Activists (USUA) and sponsored by the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA and Ukraine House.

US Ukrainian Activists: and

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA / Посольство України в США:

Ukraine House:


About Alina Charkasova:

Alina Cherkasova is a Ukrainian opera singer (soprano) from Dnipro, Eastern Ukraine. Alina is also a voice and piano instructor. Mrs. Cherkasova is a laureate (of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes) of European and International vocal competitions in the USA, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, and Austria. In addition, she is the winner of the world-famous American Protégé vocal competition in New York; and was invited to perform at the winners’ concert in Carnegie Hall.

Mrs. Cherkasova is a graduate from the Odessa National Music Academy and Dnipro Music Academy in Ukraine.

Back in Ukraine, Alina was part of the charitable organization “Opera vo Blago” (“Opera for boon”) that helped cancer patients, children, elderly, and animals through concerts of classical music. “Opera vo Blago” received many awards.

Since March, 2020, Alina and her military husband have been living in Aberdeen, NC, where she continues charitable performances to support the US military, veterans, and their wives. In the future, Mrs. Cherkasova is going to give more charitable concerts for military families and wounded warriors.

In the USA, Alina actively gives concerts and private lessons, works in the Snyder Music Academy and Community College as an instructor of voice and piano.

Since March, 2022, Alina has given five fundraising concerts for medical and humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

During the last two years, Alina has been a certified volunteer in the Guardian ad Litem Program in Judicial District 19D Carthage, North Carolina, where she has served for abused and neglected children by advocating for their best interests in court.


Аліна Черкасова – українська оперна співачка із міста Дніпро, сопрано, викладач вокалу та фортепіано. Аліна – лауреат (of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes) європейських та міжнародних вокальних конкурсів США, Італії, України, Іспанії та Австрії. Переможець Всесвітньо відомого вокального конкурсу Американ Протеже у Нью-Йорку, запрошена виступити на концерті переможців у Карнегі Холл.
Закінчила Одеську національну музичну академію (Україна) та Дніпровську музичну академію (Україна).

Ще в Україні Аліна була частиною благодійної організації «Опера на благо», завдяки концертам класичної музики організація допомагала онкохворим, дітям, людям похилого віку та тваринам. «Опера Благо» отримала багато нагород.

З березня 2020 року Аліна Черкасова та її військовий чоловік живуть в Абердіні, Північна Кароліна. Аліна продовжує проводити благодійні виступи на підтримку американських військових, ветеранів та їхніх дружин. У майбутньому є проекти щодо більшої кількості благодійних концертів для сімей військових та поранених.

У США Аліна активно виступає на сцені, викладає приватно, також працює в Snyder Academy of Music і Community College викладачем вокалу і фортепіано.

З березня 2022 року, Аліна вже дала п’ять благодійних концертів в підтримку України, надаючи медичну та гуманітарну допомогу українцям.

Близько двох років Аліна є сертифікованим волонтером у програмі Guardian ad Litem у судовому окрузі 19D Carthage, North Carolina. Аліна захищає в суді інтереси дітей із неблагополучних сімей.

YouTube link:

About the Pianist, Yaroslav Gnezdilov

Ukrainian native, Yaroslav Gnezdilov, is a concert pianist and winner of numerous international music competitions including the most recent in the USA, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and Ukraine. He is a performing member of Tuesday Musicale of Detroit, Comic Opera Guild and LaCorda music associations. Yaroslav earned his Master’s degree in Piano Performance in the USA, his Bachelor’s and another Master’s degree in prestigious Dnipro Academy of Music in Ukraine. Yaroslav was a soloist of Dnipro State House of Organ and Chamber music, frequently performing with prominent symphonic orchestras and on International music festivals. He currently gives solo and collaborative concerts with prominent musicians, choirs and bands in concert tours across the United States and Europe.


US Ukrainian Activists – Help save lives in Ukraine

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Event: The War is Not Over Yet!

On Sat., July 9, dozens of people rallied at the White House in support of Ukraine.

We joined a nationwide event in multiple cities (New York, NY; Austin, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA; San Diego, CA; and more) to send the message: “Russia’s war against Ukraine is still not over!”

A big thank you to the many people who came on such short notice, despite the weather.

The war is not over yet! Every moment, Russian war crimes continue against civilians. Every hour, Ukrainian defenders fight and die in defense of Ukraine and the entire free world.

We will not allow dictators to create their own new world order! We believe that the United States will continue to stand with Ukraine – to protect America’s future, and the future of the entire world.