Sep. 29, 2022: USUA daily White House rally

Sep. 29, 2022:Ukraine is under a full-scale invasion by Russia. We need your help to stop Russia’s war in Ukraine.
Join us at our daily White House rallies #StandWithUkraineEveryDay to:

– Raise continued awareness about the war in Ukraine;
– Ask the US Government to declare russia a terrorist state and a state sponsor of terrorism.
– Ask the USA to influence its allies to cut all business ties with russia;
– Remind the USA to honor the Budapest Memorandum;
– Ask for more needed weapons for Ukraine;
– Show the US government and Congress that voters still strongly support more measures in support of Ukraine;
– Tell the people of Ukraine that they have not been forgotten!

WHERE: At the White House (north side – Lafayette Square)

WHEN: Mon – Sun

TIME EVERY DAY: 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.

ORGANIZER: US Ukrainian Activists (USUA)

Phone number for coordination: 347-251-0727
(Call if you have trouble finding us!)

USUA Events:

(and ideas for posters):

– Declare russia a TERRORIST STATE
– Declare russia a sponsor of terrorism
– USA, thank you for supporting Ukraine
– Thank you USA for standing with Ukraine
– Thank you for Lend Lease Act for Ukraine
– Thank you for Ukraine Aid Bill
– Ukraine Needs more Weapons to Survive/Defend Itself
– Honor Budapest Memorandum
– Give Ukraine the weapons it needs
– Stop genocide in Ukraine
– Stop Russia’s war machine
– USA, keep supporting Ukraine
– Stand with Ukraine
– More Arms for Ukraine
– Send Ukraine the weapons it needs
– Send the needed weapons now
– Help Ukraine defend itself
– Help Ukraine protect its children
– MLRS for Ukraine
— Send Multiple Rocket Launchers to Ukraine
— Send MLRS to Ukraine
— Multiple Launch Rocket Systems for Ukraine
– Air/missile defense for Ukraine
– Help Ukraine protect its skies
– Send NASAMS to Ukraine
– Send Patriot systems to Ukraine
– Supply Ukraine with fighter jets
– Every minute costs lives
– Protect Ukrainian children/civilians from Russian missiles
– How many dead children will it take?
– How many dead civilians will it take?
– More sanctions on Russia!
– Full trade embargo on Russia!
– Stop ALL business ties with Russia!
– Cut ALL Russian banks from SWIFT!

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